The Pleasant Surprises

The Pleasant Surprises

I’ve been in higher education in various roles (including teaching, program building, online service delivery, etc.) almost all my professional life (roughly 12 years) and I share Clayton Christensen’s view that the current business model of higher education is facing both serious threats and great opportunities by the emergence of MOOCs as a disruptive innovation. As such, I’m interested in learning about the possible future scenarios that lie ahead for higher education and the role that MOOCs could play in these scenarios.

These interests are the reasons why I volunteered to be part of this mOOC project. I had heard about it through my network at UC, so I contacted Niki Davis to ask if I can volunteer to the project without even knowing what the MOOC was about. I was later pleasantly surprised to learn about the content of this mOOC/workshop.

I hadn’t heard of the concept of scenario planning prior to registering for this workshop. But as I started to familiarize myself with it, I was glad to learn that it’s (as I understand it) a tool to depict future possibilities as this goes well with a personal tendency to fantasize about the future 🙂 Another pleasant surprise happened today when I went to look at Wayne’s blog for this workshop and the blog title read “Behind the scenes of SP4Ed 13-05”. That too hit a cord with me – spying (just kidding). I just knew then that there’s a window through which I can peak to learn more about the back-stage activities needed for the development of an online course which is very valuable to me.

So by the end of this mOOC, I’m now hoping that I will 1) come out of it knowing more about scenario planning as a strategic tool to predict the future of education, 2) witness the efforts that go into the production of this workshop as a step towards a more comprehensive MOOC offering in the near future and 3) network with others with similar interests. I believe the experience is going to be rich and will surely provoke many thoughts and reflections which I plan to use this blog to record and hopefully also receive feedback.

On the personal front, I had previously custom-built an application that delivers free ‘bite-size’ video English lessons to students worldwide and I’m now working on a small project exploring the possibility of using WordPress (with its ever expanding repository of added functionality and customizable front-end layout) as an LMS to deliver complete EFL courses online. My hope is to be able to achieve similar (if not the same) functionality as that offered on Coursera, Udacity or Edx. So I also look forward to seeing how the knowledge and experience of this workshop could inform this  pursuit as well.

Thanks Niki and Wayne for putting this workshop together. I look forward to the work ahead and I also look forward to meeting all the participants in this mOOC.


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